Walden Knife Co.

The information in this file is from a Member of  “All About Pocket Knives” and was placed on the forum website as information for all readers.

“I have been in communication with the Village of Walden historian. She sent me this write up, also from the WPA project. It is by a Herbert Mason, who worked as a cutler for 7 different companies over 32 years, quite a few of them in Walden. I tried copy and paste from the word document, but couldn't get it to work, so made jpegs out of each page. Clicking on them will enlarge and make them easier to read. He speaks about the Upper and Lower Shops and names the Lower Shop as New York Knife Co. However, this is wrong, the Upper Shop was New York Knife Co. and the Lower Shop was Walden Knife Co. The article states that the Upper Shop closed in 1927. The historian believes that whoever wrote up the write up got the two shops confused, it was the Lower Shop (Walden Knife) that closed in 1927.”