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Welcome Everyone

Welcome to David's Blades, my personal collection of knives. I sincerely hope you enjoy your time here.

Greetings everyone, thank you very much for stopping by to view David's Blades.  I hope you will enjoy my gallery of knives and find all the other resources and information useful.  There will be new pages added about various subjects like taking care of your knives, knife shows around the country and even some out of the way antique shops you might want to visit. Please feel free to send me any comments or questions you may have and I will certainly get back to you at my earliest opportunity.

*NOTE: The knives displayed here are for viewing enjoyment and discussion only.  NO KNIVES ARE FOR SALE OR TRADE ON THIS WEBSITE.  One day they will all go to my children and grandchildren.
Welcome Everyone

About Me

About Me About Me
Hello friends, my name is David and it's my personal pleasure to welcome you to my website displaying my collection of knives.  I've carried a pocket knife ever since I was a teenager, and I've been an amateur collector of knives now since about 2002.  I grew up in North Texas and joined the U.S. Navy in February 1971 and enjoyed a great career as an air traffic controller and airport/airspace administrator.  In August 2016 I retired again, from the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Board, Department of Public Safety.

I thought it would be fun to share my collection with as many of you as possible, especially some of my family who live around the world. At present I have over 600 knives in my collection, but it's doubtful that all of them will be uploaded into the gallery. I'm not a professional, I'm not an expert, and I'm not a historical authority on knives, I like to say I'm preserving knife history. It's my retirement hobby and I still have a lot more knives to find and preserve.

Now days I'm a Grandpa and also an amateur writer. I'm a member of many gun and knife organizations and avid handgun shooter. My wife Cheryl and I enjoy traveling around the country, especially Texas and going to Antique Malls, Trade Days, and Flea Markets. We have even traveled overseas and I always manage to find some interesting knives.

Be sure to check back on a regular basis for anything new in the gallery.

A SPECIAL DEDICATION: To the countless number of skilled craftsmen, artisans and many entrepreneurs of the past and present, that have staked their fortunes and reputations, striving to create better quality knives for just the right task, we thank you. We thank you and honor you with collections and sites such as this to hallmark your creative work and designs.

Why I collect knives

Why I collect knives
Here is my personal philosophy for collecting:
Buy, but never sale.  Build your collection around three principles; time, space and money.

Time: I'm retired so I have as much time to spend on collecting as I want. There is the time spent finding, researching, cleaning or repairs, documenting, displaying and/or storing.  As a collector I’m also preserving a piece of time. A time when that particular knife was created by an individual or company from today, or many years ago. I’m preserving the skills and artistry of the knife maker that went into creating that particular knife. I’m preserving a piece of history.

Space: How do I want to display or store my knife collection? This can be a limiting factor in the size of or type of knives you collect. Also it will be another expense for shelves, display cabinets etc., unless you just plan on putting them in boxes in the back of a closet.

Money: Of course this is the most important detail in your collecting. Most of us don’t have an unending source of money to support our collecting habit, therefore I believe it is very important to exercise good judgement in your purchasing choices.  You can’t buy every knife out there that you like, although many of us have tried. Don’t spend the rent money on a knife just because it’s there and you want.  Research and have many sources to find the knives for your collection.

And finally, remember that collections of any items are not born overnight, but over time. Learn about the many different types/styles of knives; be prudent in your knife purchases and most importantly have fun and enjoy your collection.

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Where to look for those knives

This next section is a listing of Antique stores, trade days, flea markets, etc that my wife and I have enjoyed and they are our favorites to visit again.  Collectors don't forget pawn shops.  Asked for their bucket of old knives, they will know what you mean and if you are lucky like I have been you'll find that little jewel of a knife in there.  

I will only list those places we believe to be 4 or 5 star ratings, but that doesn't mean you should pass on any other known antique stores.  Our ratings are based on our impressions of the location, parking, size, inventory, presentation of booths and the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff.  Prices are not considered in our ratings because in this secondary market they are too subjective both by the seller and buyer, and price can vary greatly by regions of the country.  Public reviews/ratings on Google Maps, TripAdvisor, FaceBook and other sources are also considered.  

Now of course I'm looking for knives, but my wife is looking for all kinds of other antique items for displaying around our house.  So no matter what your collecting or looking for, hopefully this section will help you and if you're ever in any of these cities, take a few minutes and check out the places we've listed.  You just might find that special knife for your collection or that one missing item you've been looking for.

My Favorite Places to Shop

Not listed in any specific order

LoneStar Antiques:

There is no question, LoneStar Antiques is the #1 antique mall in the North Texas Mid-Cities area. It features 60,000 square feet and over 200+ vendors and includes a lunch style cafe and tea room. For years my wife and I have shopped here and there are several vendors with an excellent selection of knives. The inventory is endless, easy to navigate the store and well displayed. The staff is knowledgeable and very helpful. Check them out at:
LoneStar Antiques


St. Mary's Antique Mall in St. Mary, MO. is hands down my favorite mall to shop when I'm in this area. It's a day trip because it's about 70 miles south of St. Louis and is located between I-55 and the Mississippi River. I have spent all day in this 77,000 square foot mall with 450 display booths and 225 showcases. I have found several knives here and I won't tell you how many things my wife has found. If it's not here, you aren't going to find it. Rated at 4.3 and 4.5 stars on other websites, I disagree and give them a big 5.0. And when you're done shopping, there are some good restaurants located nearby. Look'em up at:


About 4.5 miles north of Interstate 44 in Joplin, MO. is a great place to spend an hour or two, the Rangeline Antique Mall. Rated as a 4.5 on Google Maps and 4.8 with FaceBook fans, I would agree based on the store's size, huge variety of the inventory, organization and the friendliness of the staff. A couple of ladies were very helpful and I found several folding knives there during my second visit in May 2019. I will continue to stop by every time I'm traveling I-44. Website:


There are many good antique stores off Interstate 44 and here is one my wife and I enjoy every time we can. Located in Lebanon, MO. on the south side of I-44 you have to drive around on a couple of streets to get to them, but it's well worth the effort. With over 400 booths, countless showcases and excellent hours of 8 AM to 8 PM 7 days a week, it's almost certain that you will find just what you are looking for at this great antique mall. Plus on one end of the building you have the Russell Stover Candies store. Everyone will enjoy their time here. Visit them at their website:

Shepherd Hills Cutlery - Case:

Although this is not an antique store, they are premier locations to find and purchase knives. Shepherd Hills Factory Outlets are located in Lebanon, MO., Branson, MO., Osage Beach, MO., and Eddyville, KY. featuring brand-name pottery, cutlery, home décor & glassware retailers. I have been to the one in Lebanon off I-44 west and the one in Branson. You'll find knives by Buck, Case, Chicago Cutlery, selections of Swiss Army and several others. I always enjoy shopping at any Shepherd Hills location, because there is so much variety in knife styles, size, and selections. The sales associates are always friendly and willing to spend time with you in order to make sure you find the knife you want. If you haven't been to any of their locations, you've missed a real treat.
Shepherd Hills Cutlery - Case


Off of I-40 in North Little Rock, AR is a tucked away jewel, the Twin City Antique Mall. I've stopped in here twice now and both times I've found a vintage knife and my wife has found some of her forest green glassware. It's a mid-size store, but with a huge selection of antique and vintage items. If your in the area be sure to stop in. Email:



Located on state highway 67 in Farmington, MO is a place that is absolutely fun to visit, Forever Antiques. They have everything from wash tubs to wagon wheels. Your shopping starts on the outside of the store with all kinds of unique items in front of what looks to me like an old western storefront. When you get inside you will be amazed at all you see and then when you believe you've seen it all, there is a 2nd floor. @foreverantiques on Facebook.


The Antique Gallery & The Antique Experience:

In Denton, TX co-located in Stonehill Center is two very fine antique stores that are well worth your time. To me The Antique Gallery is more of an upscale store in it's inventory, displays and age of products you find here. In The Antique Experience I think you find older items as in furniture, jewelry, knives and other showcase items. Both stores are well managed, clean, very organized displays all in 22,000 square feet loaded with beautiful booths and showcases. Check them out at: or
The Antique Gallery & The Antique Experience


Located on the eastbound side of I-44 in Tulsa, OK and easy access is the I-44 Antique Mall. This 9,000 square foot store with 50 vendors is packed with everything from fine china and porcelain to collectable bottle caps or baseball cards. I have found a collectable pocket knife every time I have stopped in. Take time and enjoy looking for whatever you collect or what you need to decorate with and the staff will assist you with any need.

First Monday Trade Days:

In Canton, TX is possible the largest and oldest flea market/trade days in North America. Beginning on the courthouse square in the 1850's the First Monday Trade Days now operates on over 100 acres and supports more than 6,000 vendors. There is indoor and outdoor booths, permanent and temporary vendors. You can spend two days going through all the buildings and displays and a lot of people do and they park in the adjoining RV park or local hotels. Knife collectors if you don't find a new or vintage knife for your collection here I don't know what to tell you. There is something for everyone of all ages at First Monday Trade Days. Check them out at: or
First Monday Trade Days


Located off I-30 in Bryant, AR is Antiques & Uniques and you will find something for everyone in this great antique store. You wish every store had the variety that is found here. I have spent several hours in here and found a number of knives for my collection. It has a great staff and the store is organized very well. Look'em up on facebook at:


Located on state highway 67 in Farmington, MO is Antique Treasures and if you don't find your treasure in here, you're not looking hard enough. With 52,000 square feet, 265 display booths and 110 showcases you will find anything and everything from fine glassware to furniture in 2 galleries. My wife and I can't go through Farmington without stopping here and I have found about 8 or 10 knives for my collection here. They have earned a 5 star rating on several sites and I agree. It's a must for any serious antique shopper. Visit them also at: or

Memories N' Treasures Antique Mall:

Located in the heart of Keller, TX just one block off Main St. (Hwy 377) is a small place that I have been going to for years. Here is another store where your shopping starts before you even get inside. Once inside you will find everything you could collect, but first enjoy the coffee and home baked cookies. For us knife collections one of my friends has a booth here and is always coming across new and vintage knives to sale. Stop in or take a look at their antiques at: or Facebook:
Memories N' Treasures Antique Mall

Montgomery Street Antique Mall:

Just off I-30 westbound near the Fort Worth, TX cultural district is Montgomery Street Antique Mall and 60,000 square feet of fun. We love going here when we are in the area and with their Secret Garden Restaurant you can spend all day here. As Fort Worth's premiere antique mall it has some of the best selections I have ever seen. I have found many knives here along with great items used to display them. If you are a serious collector or someone just looking for that one special item I'll bet you can find it here.
Montgomery Street Antique Mall

Cooper Street Antique Mall:

Located south of I-20 in Arlington, TX is Cooper Street Antique Mall with 53,000 square feet of treasures and a tea room. You can find everything from tin cups to beautiful antique furniture. Reviews on other sites are great, they can't wait to go back again. Be sure to give yourself several hours in order to really enjoy the great items you will find here.
Cooper Street Antique Mall

Third Monday Trade Days:

Located on SH-380 in McKinney, TX is Third Monday Trade Days. This medium size market makes up for size with a wide variety of vendors and it's just a fun place with great people. If you take your time going through all the booths it will take about 3 hours, but they will be well spent. Knife collectors every time I've been here there I've seen lots of knives and vendors that are willing to deal. Take a look at:
Third Monday Trade Days

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